III International Conference Domestic and Worldwide Vehicles Recycling "Together Against The Black Economy"

1-3 October 2018 Warszawa,Łochów


Members of the Board of FORS Association are pleased to invite you to participate in 3rd International Conference which this year is entitled "Together against black economy". The Conference will take place on the 2nd October 2018 in Hotel Novotel in the center of Warsaw.

Dear Sir or Madame,

Similarly as last years, on the Conference we will be hosting many guests from different countries, including speakers from the USA, Brazil, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and United Kingdom who will present several interesting problems from their countries' car dismantling business. The main subject of the Conference will be black economy and how to fight with illegal competition on the market. To start on, we will try to define the black economy, consider why it has such an adverse impact on legally operating businesses, as well as identify the differences between the black economy and legally operating businesses. We will have a great opportunity to get familiar with mechanisms used in different countries as well as learn how to efficiently limit the influence of black economy on the legal market. Another interesting topic would be the problem of car stealing in Europe, what is the scale of this problem as well as what steps are taken to minimize it. Additional information on changes in Polish law caused by recent problem of fire on car dismantling stations will be presented, i.a. new obligation of monitoring on the station, fire protections and financial guarantees. During the Conference, we will provide you with the access to the information point where you can learn about the new obligations. Also problem of disassembly of hybrid vehicles will be discussed. The Conference will end with discussion with guests from Poland and other countries. During the Conference, you will have the possibility to see the offers of the exhibitors, who were invited to present their offers dedicated to car dismantlers (machines and services). Moreover, this year FORS Association celebrates 20 years of existing. Therefore, we have prepared the gala dinner with an artistic part on 2nd October. We are looking forward to see you at the gala dinner to celebrate the presence of FORS Association on the market for at least another 20 years and to recall the most important and funny events of the past 20 years. The presence on the gala dinner will also be a good opportunity to establish international contacts.

We also invite you to participate in the events associated with the Conference:

1st October 2018 - visiting the car dismantling station in Łochów during which the station equipment will be presented and an integration feast before the Conference

3rd October 2018 - visiting the Museum of the Polish Jews History POLIN and Warsaw's Old Town

Please find enclosed information with the detailed schedule and the offer to the sponsors and the exhibitors.

You can now send us the application by e-mail sekretariat@fors.pl or by fax 0048 22 074 0114 Due to great interest in the Conference as well as limited number of participants, please send us your application as soon as possible and book your room at the hotel.


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